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We Buy Your Houses 2022 – Top 3 Crazy Money Saving Benefits

We Buy Your Houses 2022 – Top 3 Crazy Money Saving Benefits

1. We Buy Your Houses In Any Condition (As-is) Cash

Over the last several years, we’ve seen just about every home condition and style you can imagine.
We’ve seen it all when we buy your houses.
Broken windows, leaky roofs, moldy walls, ghosts (okay…we haven’t seen the ghosts…yet)…Even Still, We Pay Top Dollar!

we buy your houses 2022
We’ll Take Car of Any Repair Costs- Save Thousands!

Save Big On Home Repairs Costs

The average home remodeling cost in 2021 was between $19,800 to $73,200. With the rising cost of lumber and materials that use petroleum for its production, it’s good to know you’ll save big when we buy your houses fast for cash. 19k at minimum!

We’ll Repair The Cosmetic Damages

We’ll Take Care of All Cosmetic Repairs. Feels good to know you don’t have to touch a hammer or pay for expensive renovation costs doesn’t it? Sellers do not have to worry about cosmetic repairs when we we buy your houses. We’ll take care of the wall dings, roof leaks, broken tile, plumbing issues, fire damage, it doesn’t matter. No matter how bad it is, you can make money quick.

No Clean-Up Needed

Restrooms, kitchens, yardwork, you name it, We’ll take care of it.
Leaving the work to us leaves sellers free of stress and worry. Most people like to clean up a property before selling so it’s a little more presentable.
We say just kick back and relax.
We’ll handle any clean-up after the property has been vacated.

Free Junk-Haul

Planning on leaving some stuff behind? Junk-Hauls can be costly.
Leave it to us.
We’ll get rid of any unwanted items for you. Peace-of-mind is good, huh? We’d like to make your move the easiest one possible. Request an Offer.

2. Close Fast When We Buy Your Houses

we buy your houses check collection
Get Paid Faster

Sellers can close fast when we buy your houses.
This is likely one of the big reasons people sell to investors like us.

Payment In As Little As 7 Days

Get cash in as little as 7 days When we buy your houses.

Typical timeframe for closing on a property can range from 7-14 days, but no more than 30.”

This makes taking your next step in life much easier. Therefore, making it a great solution for sellers who need to sell fast.

No Bank Loans or Fall Throughs

Since we’re paying cash when we buy your houses,
sellers DO NOT have to wait on loan approval. This makes the transaction much quicker.

3. No Realtors When We Buy Your Houses

Realtors serve a great part in our community…
as a matter of fact, we offer MLS listing services with our realtors. But they aren’t always the BEST solution or tool in the toolbox (so to speak). When we buy your houses cash, we DO NOT use a realtor for the transaction. Saving sellers thousands.

save on realtor fees when we buy your houses

No Realtor Fees

6% in realtor fees is just about how much sellers will pay
when selling their home.
The Average home price in the United States is about $374,900.

Sellers can avoid about $22,500 in realtor fees by selling to an investor like Cash Home Buyers Hub LLC.

Request Offer

No Confusing Paperwork

Our Documents are easy to understand, unlike realtor contracts. Our reps will break down each portion so sellers can fully understand and rest at ease. Have Questions about our paperwork? We’d Love To Help!

No Unpleasant Walkthroughs During Dinner

No dinner interruptions to demo your home for a chance at a POTENTIALLY interested buyer. Sometimes we’ll even buy your home site unseen. We will pay cash, top dollar!

Realtor Interrupts Dinner

About Our “We Buy Your Houses” Company

Our company Cash Home Buyers Hub LLC has been in business for 2-3 years now! Our mission is to offer genuine help to sellers who really need it as we help rebuild local communities. Have questions about an offer? We’d love to answer any you have for us. Get a free offer with no obligation to sell. Request an Offer Online, or call now! 623-321-4177

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