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We Buy Houses In Sierra Vista, Arizona

We Buy Houses In Sierra Vista, Arizona

We Buy Houses | Sierra Vista , Arizona

Call for a cash offer now! Our we-buy-houses team is waiting to see how we can help! 

Why Sell To Us? Cause We’ve Been There.

Back in 2008 before our journey began, Mark, the originator of the brand, and his family were left homeless. This happened during one of the biggest economic crashes since the Great Depression. Rising mortgages and the crash of the stock market left many businesses and homeowners in a bad place. Marks family’s business collapsed, leaving his fathers debt skyrocketing and tensions high. “It was the most difficult time in my life” he stated during a recent interview. “ but it’s the place where my dreams to help people facing similar situations began” he continued. 

How our we buy houses mission began

-You see, because we’ve experienced it first hand, we know it could be embarrassing, humiliating, and painful. That’s why we’ve developed a business that would not only cater to the needs of those struggling, but do it in a way that’s never been done. Furthermore, our mission is to help educate sellers, give them their options and let them choose which one best benefits them. 

We Buy Houses With Little To No Equity

That’s right! Isn’t that great news? Most sellers who have little to no equity in their home should find it difficult to sell and make a profit. Let alone, Sell quickly! However, you’ll find working with us to be quite pleasant. Due to our experience in the field, our team is equipped with the ability to buy homes with little to no equity in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Reach out and ask for more information about how we buy houses in Sierra Vista, Arizona with little to no equity.

Behind On Payments? 

If your falling behind on payments, like us, you know it can be scary. Back in 2008, Mark, along with his family, were left homeless after the devastating economic crash. Will I lose my house, marriage, or my kids respect? How will I be able to move anywhere afterwards with damaged
We buy houses behind on payments
credit? We’ve helped many others in similar situations, and we’re positive we can help you too. Simply reach out and ask how we can help if your behind on payment or even in pre-forclosure. Finally, Just a piece of advice: Make sure to call us before it’s too late. 

Specified Areas Of Service 

We Buy Houses In Sierra Vista, Arizona

We Buy Houses in Sierra Vista, Arizona in good condition, bad condition, tear downs, land, commercial -You name it. If it’s real estate and you need to sell, we want to know about it. Call for a Cash Offer Now! 


We Buy Houses Cash! 

When we say we buy houses cash, most sellers don’t understand the benefits. Therefore, allow me to bestow you (oh fancy…bestow) with said benefits: 

When selling to a cash buyer, it’s important to understand that unlike a conventional sale, there is no bank involvement. Furthermore, because there is no bank involvement, the timeframe to close on the sale is drastically cut. By drastically cut, we’re talking about 1-2 day closings. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but on occasion the stars will align that way. 

In addition, since banks have no part in the process, the risk of a bone crushing loan-rejection is gone. -goodbye. -ka-put. Imagine that. Someone getting denied approval on a loan. Now what? Typically that would set a seller back a few weeks. Not you though. Your a trooper, a renegade against the norms. 

We Buy Houses As-Is

We Buy Houses in Sierra Vista, Az as-is. Similarly, most sellers don’t know all of the benefits to selling their house to investors. Firstly, we buy houses as-is means no repairs are needed. Moreover, it means you don’t even have to clean up. You can leave all of the hard work to us. We will hire the junk removal crew, get the place fixed up and begin boosting the value of the neighborhood.

Imagine the thousands of dollars you’d save and the hassle you could be eliminating. All of those trips back and forth to Home Depot. To clarify, renovating is totally worth it if you’ve got the time and energy to take on the project.  But, if your just sick and tired of the hassle, selling as-is may be a major benefit to selling to an investor.

We Close Fast When We Buy Houses

Typically, when we buy houses in Sierra Vista, Arizona, it can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days to close, but no more than 30 days. 

In short, this means that the period of time to close and get paid is cut by more than 90%. 

Can you use your money faster? If you can, then selling to a Cash Home Buyer may be beneficial. 

We Pay Closing Costs When We Buy Houses

$30,000 in typical closing cost? Ouch! Do we have your attention? When selling a home using the conventional method, a realtor, sellers are usually stuck paying about 10% of the sale of their home in fees. For those new to real estate, these fees are referred to as closing costs.  For instance, a woman sells her house on the market for $300,000. When everything is said and done, she would have paid $30,000 in fees. I know. Ouch! On the other hand, when working with us, we’re happy to cover all closing costs. Get your we buy houses Sierra Vista, Arizona offer today!

Community Contribution

It feels great to give back! That’s why selling to a we buy houses investor could be so rewarding. Every time we buy a house for remodel and renovate it, together, we help improve the neighborhood by updating the property and raising values of similar nearby homes.

Hours Of Operation

Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm

Sunday: 9am-3pm

Get a cash offer

What To Expect When Reaching Out

What Happens During the First Call/Txt?

what to expect when we buy houses

When calling or texting, you should be greeted by a friendly voice or response. Moreover, the purpose of this call is to identify a few things:

  • Condition of Home
  • Are We Your Best Option

After gather info, we will take a moment to look over property comps and put together an offer

Friendly Team

Our team of friendly real estate experts are glad to assist. No question is too too crazy to ask, so feel free to ask away. 

Fair Offer 

You can expect that our offer will be fair. We buy houses in Sierra Vista, Arizona only if the deal makes sense for the seller. If it doesn’t we may point the seller in the right direction. Be it a realtor (ours only charge 2% instead of 3%

Multiple Offers

When sharing our offers with sellers it’s not uncommon for us to offer several options. We do this because we know that not every sellers situation is alike. For instance, a seller may 

What If Our Offer Doesn’t Work?

If our offer doesn’t work, you can still save big time by listing your home with one of our highly experienced realtors. Each of our realtors are carefully hand picked to ensure delivery of exception service only.

List With Us & Save Thousands!

Save thousands when you hire one of our preferred top tier realtors to help you list your home or find one. Average savings are in the ballpark of $3,000 in realtor fees. How do we achieve this? Our partnership with our preferred realtors includes a 1% saving on realtor fees to pass the saving down to our close seller friends. Yes, you!


Get a cash offer in minutes by simply completing the form below! Why not give us a shot and let us show you what working with an honest investor is all about?


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