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Any Condition: We Buy Houses Cash In Phoenix, Az

Any Condition: We Buy Houses Cash In Phoenix, Az

January 5, 2021  1 By 0 Comments

We Buy Houses Phoenix, Az Cash Buyers

We buy houses in Phoenix Arizona under any condition. Fortunately for Phoenix, Arizona residents this is a Godsend. Sometimes, folks think their homes condition may be too worn down for investors. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Investors in our we buy houses company love homes like this. As investors, we visualize the end results. Not the current condition.

we buy houses ugly and nice
we buy houses ugly and nice

Who Are We?

Hi, I’m Mark! Back in 2008, Americans experienced the worst economic crash since the great depression. My dad was a small business owner reaching for what would have been the peak of his success when it all happened. I was only 17 when this happened. His clients would begin pulling back leaving him with less work and a mortgage that would adjust so high to the point of no return. He’d eventually lose his home and spiral down a whirlwind of hurt and loss. Seeing this broke the mind of a young boy but it wouldn’t be the end. Instead, I’d place my focus on educating myself on how to make a living and help others facing similar situations as my dad. Today we’ve helped countless people sell their homes through realtors, home buyers (like us), and even save their home. If you can benefit from a free consultation, we’d love to help. Contact Us.

Rebuilding Our Communities

When we buy houses in our local communities, we take it as an opportunity to rebuild our community. Homes that may be completely destroyed or outdated can be turn it into something beautiful that the community can appreciate. Doing this helps the value of surrounding homes to increase, which surrounding owners can be grateful for.

investors community building home
we buy houses community building

Do We Buy Ugly Houses?

Yes, we do. We buy houses that are ugly because of one major reason. It gives us an opportunity to help improve the well being of our community. Now, yes… the money is good, but we’re doing it because the benefit we gain from helping others surpasses any other reward. Helping individuals in hurting communities yield the greatest rewards. By buying homes in rough condition, we get to remodel and rejuvenate the neighborhood, increasing the value of surrounding homes. Next time you think of selling your home, consider reaching out for an offer!

we buy houses in bad shape like this
we buy houses in bad shape like this

Do You Buy Newer Build Homes?

We buy houses in any condition, both new and old. Typically newer homes do not have enough equity to justify the offer to sellers though. This is usually the case when sellers haven’t had their home for very long. When we buy houses in areas with newer homes, we typically purchase the home using a less conventional, but still perfectly legal method. Remember to ask your escrow agent about legalities on this for your own insurance. Having these advanced investor purchase options available to us, we may at times even be able to buy homes at market value price. Contact us for more info or request an offer today!

we buy houses that are new image
we buy houses that are new

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