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4 Ways A We Buy Houses Company Can Help You Sell Fast | Peoria Arizona 85345

4 Ways A We Buy Houses Company Can Help You Sell Fast | Peoria Arizona 85345

May 15, 2020  Like By 0 Comments

These 4 We Buy Houses purchase methods are used in our company to buy homes in Peoria, Arizona 85345. We also buy across the state and throughout the USA

Option #1: List Property on The Market

Listing your property on the MLS through a realtor will always yield a better return than anything else. We’re honest and will tell you that every time. Therefore, if there is no urgency to sell, sellers should still reach out to us so we can get them connected with a professional realtor who can take care of you and help get your property sold for top dollar.

Option #2: Sell Your Home For Cash To An Investor

If you need to sell quickly, for whatever reason, our team is backed with the knowledge and cash needed to help sellers close and get paid quicker than anyone in the business. Also for those who love their community, home Investors help improve the community by renovating the home. This improves the value of the surrounding blocks when done multiple times over.

Option #3: Creative Finance Structure.

By structuring a deal with sellers using creative finance, it allows us to pay more for homes than anyone in the market. If your home fits our criteria, we may pay you market value for your home in record time.

Option #4: Seller Finance

Selling this way allows the seller to act as a bank, making top dollar plus interest on their property with no renter stress or hassle.

Closing statement

All in all, if we can serve you in any way in the industry of real estate, please reach out using out contact info above. For a cash offer, please submit a cash offer request form by clicking here.

cc: if your in peoria arizona and you’re in the eight five three four five zip code you definitely help you out by real estate here in the area and we have four options that I want to go over with with you as far as how we can help you out in order to sell your property and so option number one if you have the time to be able to wait for your profit in a cell it’s gonna definitely be to list the property on the market we have you know some of the best realtors work on our team in order to help you list your property for top dollar and help you sell it as button as possible as a you know they have a ride a wide variety of knowledge in order how to look at cons and look at other factors that might help you to sell your property quicker

option number two is going to be the cached option so as investors we do buy properties cash doesn’t always work for everybody I’m sometimes it’s convenient sometimes it’s not in our case you know we would offer you know cash for your property and in exchange for that you don’t worry about any repairs so you don’t touch a hammer you’re not to worry about it’s you know expensive hauling trips back and forth from you know local or in a home repair store or anything like that you know we take care of closing costs you don’t have to worry about any realtor fees or anything like that no banks or loans are involved because we’re paying cash so it’s really convenient especially if you if you have an older property it you just know how to the time energy to worry about that so that’s option

number two option number three is we deal with property homeowners who who might be behind on payments we can actually help buy houses even though they’re behind on payments and there is little to no equity so we can definitely go over some of those options those are what we would refer to as creative financing structure deals that we would put together for you and then the other option of course is you can do For sale my owner so as the owner of the property you can sell it to an investor and structure a deal that makes sense for you and in exchange what we would ask you know we might be able to pay it higher for that type of property but in exchange what we would ask for are terms and so we might put a down payment any property and then after that we would continue making payments so we hit a certain point in time typically

that’s negotiated and then once that time frame is reached then what’ll happen is that total amount is due and so typically that you know that can range anywhere from like five to ten year to five or ten year balloon and so those are four of the options where we can buy a property over in Peoria Arizona we do buy across Arizona so if you come across this you know video and you have they wanna sell definitely still reach out to us because we can help you out so whether you’re behind on payments a little to no equity whatever the case is I appreciate your time and I look forward to hearing I’m gonna go ahead and put the phone number down in the link below peace Thanks

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