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We Buy Houses Process Fully Exposed – What To Expect!

We Buy Houses Process Fully Exposed – What To Expect!

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We Buy Houses Process Here Is What To Expect!

Contact Our We-Buy-Houses Team

The best way to contact us is by phone at 623-321-4177 by either calling or text message. Our we-buy-houses reps are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week ready to prepare a cash offer for your house.

Get Pre-Qualified

Are we the right we-buy-houses buyer for your property? Maybe. Maybe not. In order for us to find out, we need to qualify whether or not your home fits our buying criteria. Our we-buy-houses team usually looks for properties that can use some updating and repairs so we can ultimately repair and make a profit on. So, do we buy houses with little to no repairs needed? Yes, we do, but, we may go over other options that may be more beneficial to you as the seller than selling the property outright for cash. Our goal is to create a win-win for buyer and seller and bring true value and honesty into the world of we-buy-houses real estate.

What if My Property Doesn’t Fit Your Buying Criteria?

Typically, if your property is unfit for an all cash offer from our we-buy-houses team, we may discuss other options available for our seller friend such as helping list the sellers property on the market.

Discuss Purchase Price & Terms

After discussing the condition of the home and determining its a fit for us, we will put together an over-the-phone offer range. If the offer works for you, we will put agreement paperwork together and set an appointment to view the property and get an agreement signed in writing.

What to Expect at the Appointment

Once we’ve agreed on a price range, its time to set an appointment. We will work together with you on setting a property meet up at your soonest convenience (make sure that all decision makers and listed property owners are present). When we arrive, our we-buy-houses teammate may come prepared to photograph the condition of the property for our records. In addition, they will come prepared with any paperwork detailing the purchase price and any special terms requested by the seller.

What Happens After I sign The Agreement?

After signing the agreement paperwork, we will take the documents over to a reputable and trusted title company to open escrow. It’s typical for investment companies when purchasing a home to deposit an earnest money deposit of $10-$100 since they are typically buying multiple properties. Once the paperwork and earnest money are deposited, the title company then gets to work.

What Happens After Escrow Is Opened?

After escrow is opened, an escrow officer will contact you within 24 hours to notify you that escrow has been opened. They may do this by phone or email (if one is provided). They will forward all documents pertaining to the seller and provide proof of the opening of escrow. After this, the title company gets to work on producing a clear title for the property. Their job is to make sure there are no liens, mortgage, or taxes owed…if there is, they make sure those liens, taxes and mortgage are paid for at closing. This process can take about 14-30 days depending on how business they title company is, the season, and the the amount of work required to produce a clear title.

Get Paid

After the title company has produced a clear title, the we-buy-houses buyer will fully fund escrow and the title company will pay out everyone! Exciting huh?!

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