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We Buy Houses Phoenix | Why Sell To Us?

We Buy Houses Phoenix | Why Sell To Us?

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We Buy Houses Phoenix | 2021

Our We-buy-houses-Phoenix business buys homes in Phoenix and its surrounding cities. We are Cash Home Buyers Hub, a full service real estate business. We buy houses (Even if they have little to no equity), and helps sellers list their homes on the market in order to sell for full market value.

Seller Options

When we buy houses in Phoenix, Arizona, we want sellers to know all of the options they have. That’s why we submit 3 offer options. Option #1: We submit an all cash offer. Selling this way allows sellers to walk away from the property and sell as-is. Option #2: We can list your property at a discounted rate. We work alongside some of the best realtors in the Phoenix, Arizona market and have structured negotiations where we can bring value to sellers by discounting the listing rate. Option #3: Have a property with little to no equity? We can take over your mortgage and let you move onto the next walks of life.

Close Fast Or On A Date You Choose

No matter the situation, when we buy houses in Phoenix, Arizona, we want you to know we are flexible. If you need to sell quick, awesome! We can close in as little as 7 days. Not in a rush? That’s okay. Some sellers need time to get their ducks aligned in a row before moving. If that’s the case, we can set a closing date out as far as 90 days, giving sellers time to move and adjust to any changes needed.

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We Pay Cash When We Buy Houses

That means we don’t have to wait for the banks to qualify us for a mortgage. Paying cash helps speed up the process and eliminate any unforeseen hassle such as a loan fall-through or wasted time.

It Pays To Do Business With Us

When you sell you houses to us, we will say thank you at closing with a free $100 gift to place of your choosing! Pocket it, or take the family out to dinner.

No Realtor or Fees

Unlike realtors, when we buy houses in Phoenix, Arizona, we do not charge a single fee. selling to a realtor can cost you onward of 6% of the homes sold price. By working with us, we help save you money by eliminating those nasty realtor fees.

We Value You Over The We-Buy-Houses Model

Yes, we do buy houses for a living, and yes we are in the business for a profit, but non of those take priority over you, our sellers. You see, when we buy houses in Phoenix, Arizona, WE WILL NOT BUY A HOME IF IT DOESN’T BENEFIT THE SELLER. We’re all about giving option, offering help, having the right team together and then helping out sellers execute of their plan to sell. We’re less of a real estate business and more of a problem solving, solution giving business.

Getting An Offer Is Easy & Free

Getting a cash offer has never been easier. Simply follow these steps below and someone will follow up to help take care of the rest!

Step #1: Fill out the form below with your name, the property address you’d like to sell, and a best -contact # and hit the send button. We will give you a call within hours (no more than 24 hrs)

Step #2: Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll call you within 24hrs to ask you some questions about the home. We’ll need to get a better understanding of the homes condition in order to give you an accurate all-cash, as-is offer!

Cash Offer Form | Request An Offer


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