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How To Sell My House Fast In Phoenix Arizona in 2021

How To Sell My House Fast In Phoenix Arizona in 2021

August 19, 2019  Like By 0 Comments

Sell My House Fast In 2021

#1. Sell My House Fast To An Investor/Flipper

Pile of cash to sell house fast or buy house fast

“How do I sell my house fast in Phoenix, Arizona”, you ask? The quickest way to sell a house fast, and in “as-is” condition, is to sell to a we-buy -houses type investor. These types of investors are ready with cash to purchase homes in any condition quickly (sometimes between 7-14 days). Actually, the uglier the home, the better. Getting an offer for your home is typically very easy. You can call, or complete a cash offer request form like this one (most investors will usually respond to the cash offer request within 24 hours).

What To Expect If I Sell My House Fast To An Investor

Cash Offer Within 24 Hours

Once you’ve called and given the investor a brief description of the homes condition, you should be getting an all cash offer for your home within 2-24 hours.

Property Walk-through

Depending on the situation, some investors will schedule a walk-through to view the property…if your lucky though, you may find an investor who is willing to buy your home site-unseen

Close Fast & Sell My House Fast As-Is

Fortunately, selling your home to an investor is probably the fastest and most convenient way to sell your home. The majority of investors, though they are out to make a profit, are honest and looking to add value to you regardless of your situation. Closing on a property and getting it off of your hands can take as little as 7 days. In addition, most investor home buyers will buy the property in as-is condition. This is because they are looking for something that can be updated and then sold for a profit.

Low Offer Myth

Not all investors will give a low-ball offer…you see, it usually depends on what the investors plan is to do with the property after purchasing. An investor who is looking to fix and flip the property is likely to offer less ( due to the substantial amount of fees and risk involved in buying and selling real estate) than another investor who will use it as a rental.

Safe And Secure Transaction

Title companies act as a mediator for both parties, collecting funds for the purchase and assuring the property being sold is rightfully owned free and clear of taxes, liens or judgments.

Selling A House Fast For Cash Has Its Pros And Cons:

Close Fast
Sell As-Is
No Realtor, Fee’s, or Showings
All Cash Transaction

Lower Offer On Home

Request A Cash Offer FREE!

#2. Update Or Repair Your Home

If you are planning to sell your house fast in Phoenix, Arizona and are open to updating/renovating your home, you’ll need to do a couple of things in order to capitalize on a quick sale. Here are some of the areas you’ll need to focus on to assure you’ll sell your house fast in a competitive Phoenix Arizona market:

  1. Paint– Go with neutral colors (shades of whites and grays are quite popular in 2019)
  2. Invest in curb appeal– A little bit of green ( plants, trees, bushes) can help put a lot of green in your pocket at closing.
  3. Invest in the kitchen & bathroom ( if you don’t have a full budget for a new kitchen and bath, simple touch ups may still help). Try resurfacing cabinets or changing fixtures.
  4. Replace or vacuum old/worn carpet
  5. Deep Clean (we’re talking toothbrush-between-the-cracks clean)

“If I want to sell my house fast in Phoenix, Arizona, for top dollar, do I really need to update my property?”

Yes- If you want to increase the value of your home & obtain full market value, you’re absolutely going to want to make sure your property is current with the times. According to the markets history, people simply won’t pay top dollar for something that is out of date or in need of major repairs/updating.

#3. Set An Attractive Price To Help Sell My House Fast

Determining Property Value Through A Realtor

Setting an attractive price will help you to sell your house fast in Phoenix, Arizona and literally any market. If you need help determining a price, you can always refer to a realtor. Realtors have tools at their disposal that enable them to research comparable home prices in your area. Dropping the price below the average comparable home value will ensure you’ll sell your house quickly.

When Determining Value, Compare Apples To Apples

Properly Making sure that the property is compared apples-to-apples (meaning, 2bd/2bth outdated to 2bd/2bth outdated. Do not compare 2bd/2bth outdated to 2bd/2bth updated.) will help save you from wasting time having your property on the market too long due to being overpriced.

Follow Steps To Find Property Value, Then Set An Attractive Price

Try using Zillow to compare property values, then list your property below market price. To do so, follow the steps below.

1: Visit www.zillow.com
2: Type your address into the address search bar and press “Enter” on your keyboard
3: Scroll down the page to a tab called ” Zestimate history & details 
4: Click the drop-down titled ” Comparable homes ”

Compare your home to the homes in the list in order to determine the average value of your house. Once you do, you can now list and sell your house fast in Phoenix, Arizona or any market for that matter.

#4. Staging Your Home

When someone stages their home, they are typically hiring a company to furnish the home using modern and up to date styles that are extremely attractive to potential buyers. Staging your home in order to sell your house fast in Phoenix, Arizona is a great way sell your house quickly. It helps buyers envision what their home can look like once fully furnished. Staging your home can help you sell your home 73% faster than showing an empty property.

Yelps Top 3 Highest Reviewed Staging Companies in Phoenix, Arizona

#1. Interior Preference – 5 Stars (11 Reviews as of 8/18/19)
#2. Jaeger Staging – 4.5 Stars (8 Reviews as of 8/18/19)
#3. Staged To Sell Design Services

#5. Hire The Best Realtors / Group

Hiring the wrong realtor could cost you thousands more than just the 6% you’ll lose when selling your house. A bad realtor is likely to overprice your home, causing it to stay on the market for too long and cost you thousands along the way. When you need to sell your house fast in Phoenix, Arizona, hiring a good realtor, who can accurately appraise your homes value using comparable properties, is invaluable. In addition, a realtors ability to speak, be likable, and properly market your property (staging, direct mail, digital advertising etc) to get it sold is exactly what you’ll need to sell your house fast for top dollar.

Yelps Top 3 Performing Realtor Groups In Phoenix, Arizona

#1. Glutch Group – 5 Stars (132 Reviews as of 8/18/19)
#2. The Hill Group – 5 Stars (80 Reviews as of 8/18/19)
#3. Capstone Realty Professionals 5 Stars (54 Reviews as of 8/18/19)

#6. Hire A Professional Photographer

A previous client once told us “I need to sell my house fast for market value…will hiring a professional photographer help?” We quickly responded “You bet your butt it will”

Cost Of Hiring A Real Estate Photographer

Determining the cost of a real estate photographer can be difficult to calculate. This is because the service is value based. Typically speaking though, real estate photographers will charge between $59 per shoot on upwards to $2500. This depends on what type of value the photographer brings, the level of experience they have and they type of real estate they will be shooting (residential or commercial).

Increases Buyers Interest To Sell House Fast

95.1% of buyers will take a look at the photos of a home before taking the next step of viewing the property. This means that if you’ve got poor property photos, the chances of interest in the property being low are pretty high. In order to sell your house fast, you’ll need to have people interested, engaged, and most of all, viewing the property.

They Have The Right Equipment

Hiring a professional photographer (presentation wise) can be the difference between night and day. Real estate photographers have all of the equipment needed to make your house look like a million bucks. From the right camera, wide-angled-lens and post production software, down to the grit experience, real estate photographers have what it takes to help sell your house fast in Phoenix, Arizona’s competitive market and any other one for that matter.

Yelps Top 3 Performing Real Estate Photographers In Phoenix, Arizona

#1. Jacqueline Hanna Photography– 5 Stars (79 Reviews as of 8/18/19)
#2. Ashley Blake Photography– 5 Stars (49 Reviews as of 8/18/19)
#3. Michael Luna Photography– 5 Stars (43 Reviews as of 8/18/19)

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