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Cash Offer For My House Received! You Won’t Believe The Offer Given!

Cash Offer For My House Received! You Won’t Believe The Offer Given!

July 1, 2019  1 By 0 Comments
cash offer for my house you wont believe the offer given

Cash Offer For My House | The Backstory

Back in January of 2019 we met a woman name Agnus. “I needed a cash offer for my house” she told us, “but I can’t take another low-ball offer. It was apparent that she had called multiple investors in town to try and sell her home quickly. She was in a situation where the home was now a financial burden she could no longer carry.

In addition, she had no time to list it on the market and was in a hurry to move out of state do to an emergency. She explained that several people had gone to her home picking at every insignificant detail. To us, this was not uncommon to hear. She needed to sell her property and didn’t have time to list it on the market or find a renter. Eventually she came across Cash Home Buyers Hub by doing a quick online search.
She gave us a call and we spoke with her, ultimately finding out that the house was in very good condition, only needing cosmetic repairs. So why would so many investors offer soooo little in such a hot Phoenix, Arizona real estate Market? Read along and find out why a “cash offer for my house”, went from sour to sweet for all parties.

“Until I had met you guys, a had received so many cash offers for my house that were so so low.”

Why Some Cash Offer For My House Offers Are So Low?

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States in 2019. According to Ozy, over 200 people move to Phoenix, Arizona DAILY…Just, wow. So with this type of influx, comes an overflow of many many brand new investors. These investors are known for offering way to low for properties thinking that the Phoenix Arizona market is the same as the one they came from. In Phoenix, Arizona, getting a cash offer for my home could be somewhere in the range of 75%-80% of the properties fully repaired value
minus repair costs. This is because of the competitive nature of Phoenix and its over population. In other states, offers given on homes could be 60%-70% of a house once fully repaired, minus the cost of renovations. For this reason, “new” investors are tying up homes under contract unable to perform and wasting peoples time, resources and money. You could save the hassle by reaching out to a reputable cash home buyer to get a cash offer that is accurate.

The Offensive Low-Ball Offers

Agnus’ Home was worth around 150k in mint condition. The amount of repairs needed on her house were minimal on a 1200 square foot home. Likely around 3k-6k in touch-ups such as paint, fixtures and clean-up. So, after speaking with multiple “investors” in the Phoenix Arizona Market, she was getting offers in the 80k range…ouch. This is why its important to make sure your speaking to the right people to prevent scams. Speaking to the right people can help you save money and land you a better net offer!

I got a cash offer for my house
“I Just couldn’t get the cash offer for my house I was looking for”
– Agnus

The Right Offer

We love helping people, and this situation was no different. Agnus wanted to get away from the housing headache and we were going to help. We offered Agnus 120k and she was ecstatic. She didn’t have to list it on the market and have prospective home buyers nitpick her home. We went out to the home, made and offer and signed paperwork the same day. Boy do we love helping people get the cash offer for my house that they are looking for.

getting a cash offer for my house that felt great
“I could’t have imagined selling my house to your company would have been this easy”

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