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I Buy Houses Fast – Here’s How You’ll Benefit

I Buy Houses Fast – Here’s How You’ll Benefit

January 30, 2019  1 By 0 Comments
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I Buy Houses Fast

If you need to sell your house, I buy houses fast, as-is, no realtors, no fees, no hassle and closing costs paid by us. If your planning on selling soon, check out all of the reasons why you’ll benefit.

No Realtors, Commissions Or Showings

Realtors are great when you’re looking to buy a home. They’re friendly and use delightful clever words to describe the details of a home. But when you need to sell your house…the perspective shifts just a tiny bit. It hurts a little to when you think about the “6%” shafted straight out of the gross sale of the home…On top of that “you” have to repair the home…not the realtors or any of their team- at least not for free. When I buy houses fast, there is no need for a realtor within the transaction. We pay all cash and eliminate the hassle and additional costs…

Save Money On Repairs

If you want full market value for your home, you can count on it coming at a cost. It will be your job to fix the property to get it to sell for full market value. That means you’d better get ready for multiple painstaking trips to your local home repair depot. If your not “into that kind of thing” (home repair) you can expect the bank account to take the majority of the hit. On average, a typical home (1500 Sq Ft) in decent condition can take anywhere from 10k-25k to repair and update to “Market Standard”. I buy houses fast as-is. That means you don’t have to put an ounce of energy towards home repairs.

Peaceful & Easy Sale When I Buy Houses Fast

From price haggling and losing offers to having the “good offers” fall through during the loan acquisition process, selling your home the conventional way is filled with tons of nail biting moments from beginning to end. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to sell your house. Cash home buyers like Average Joe Buys Houses can eliminate all of the hassle and close in as little a 7 days.

We Pay Your Closing Costs

We will pay all of your closing costs, minus any mortgage, taxes or liens. When I buy houses fast, I try to take care of those selling the property. By paying closing costs, we’ve been able to eliminate another expense for sellers, putting more money in their pockets. Need someone to pay your closing costs and buy your house? Reach out now.

Close Quickly

If you need to sell your property quickly, selling to an investor is the best way to do that. Investors can typically close within 15-30 days. Sometimes, people just don’t want to deal with a property anymore, and waiting 3 months to sell doesn’t cut it for them. Ready to close fast? Click here to contact us for a free cash offer.

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