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Top Benefits- Should I Sell My Phoenix House Fast For Cash?!

Top Benefits- Should I Sell My Phoenix House Fast For Cash?!

January 8, 2019  1 By 0 Comments

Sell My Phoenix House Fast | Benefits

Should I Sell My Phoenix House Fast For Cash?! People often ask this question when facing situations such as pre-foreclosure, divorce, debt problems, home damage etc. Fortunately, there are several benefits to doing this for the seller of a home. Should I Sell My Phoenix House Fast For Cash? Take a look at some of the benefits and decide for yourself!

#1: No Realtor Fees

When selling a house to an investor, there are typically no realtor fee’s. This is because the investor is buying the property without any connection to a realtor. There is no need to list the property under the MLS, so there are no listing fee’s. Additionally, a realtor is not helping you sell the property. Essentially you would be booting out the middle man. This is a benefit that people usually like when selling their house to investors. Home owners can save about 6% on the fee’s.

no realtor fee
photo of man taking money in bundles with bold words that say no realtor fees

#2: Instant Sale

Finding instant buyers on the real estate market isn’t as easy as many wish it were. Some house have been know to stay on the market for as long as whole year….yikes. Selling your house in an instant is nearly impossible when listing the property on the MLS. Selling to a cash home buyer is a little easier though. Once a cash home buyer visits the home, inspects it and pulls out a purchase and sales agreement, you can consider your house sold.

#3: Cash Buyers Pay Closing Costs

“Should I Sell My Phoenix House Fast For Cash?!” If that question is puzzling you…maybe the thought of more savings can help shift your thinking. Cash home buyers will almost always pay your closing costs. If they aren’t paying them, they may either be new cash buyers that don’t know, or making an attempt at getting one up on you. Paying the closing costs of those selling their home is a common courtesy for investors to do when buying a house. If your cash home buyer isn’t taking care of you like this…you may want to consider switching to one who does, or simply ask your cash home buyer if they would be willing to pay these expenses.

happy old person getting phoenix Arizona cash offer
old person super happy skydiving with cash surrounding them in the air

#4: No Home Repairs Needed

Property investors usually search for homes that need work so that they can fix, repair and resell the home. Fortunately, that means you don’t have to worry about a single trip to your local home repair store. Additionally, this means that you’ll save and pocket more money at closing since your won’t be paying repair costs yourself. Typically, those homes that need repairs are required to be move in ready in order to pocket full market value.

No Repairs
big words saying “no repairs” with a toolbox filled with tools inside

Ready For A Cash Offer On your Home?

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