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The Secret To A Happy Marriage With 1 Divorce Proof Power Tip

The Secret To A Happy Marriage With 1 Divorce Proof Power Tip

December 2, 2018  1 By 0 Comments

Tip #1 The Death Of Selfishness Is The Secret To A Happy Marriage

People by nature are mostly selfish. Now yes, we know there are a select few out there that possess the ability to love and give unconditionally, but they are RARE. Having only one half of “The secret to a happy marriage” does not mean you are better off, it only means that 50% of the marriage is functional. Marriage is the unity of two people coming together to make something that becomes one. It’s like the drops of a freshly squeezed orange becoming one the the body of water inside of a pitcher. Imagine if each time you squeezed orange juice into a pitcher and each liquid took their own sides like water and oil. It wouldn’t work. The same goes for marriage. Both spouses must deny their self and fight to fulfill the others needs. When this is done, the divorce proof concoction is sweet as can be.

Get Practical: Invest Time, Love & Yes…Money Into Your Marriage.

When people become passionate about something, they are crazy for it. Furthermore, they think about it constantly and often invest loads of time, love  and yup, you guessed it…money. Time, love and money are essential for a successful marriage and often any other passion people have. For the make-up artist, tons of time, love for the craft and money are poured into the passion to help them grow their talent. For the hobby fisherman, the fundamentals are the same. Fishermen spend hours upon hours mastering their craft, and spend their savings on fishing poles, bait & jigs. So, when you give your spouse the time, it TELLS them that they are valuable and appreciated. When you spend money on your spouse, it SHOWS them they are worth it. The simplest gifts demonstrate thoughtfulness, care and value to a spouse. Do this daily, and you’ll find that the ramifications are value, worth, healing, care and more . Oh, and guess what? Do this over and over again, and you’ll find that it becomes contagious. As a result your spouse will begin to mimic you unconsciously, causing “The Secret To A Happy Marriage” to finally give fruit to the beginning of a divorce proof marriage.

man and woman holding hands withe blurred background

If you work hard and invest in your marriage, there can always be hope.

45% of marriages in the USA end in divorce…If you know someone that can use this, please share!

Furthermore, For more advice and tips on how to divorce proof your marriage, be sure to check back periodically.

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